XRP Price May Surge More Than 60% Now, Is $20 per XRP Imminent?

Ripple’s XRP Strikes Back

XRP price bounced back in recent times by breaking the descending trend line. However, as per analysis, the price is consolidating and will continue for another seven days more before a huge spike. Therefore, the price appears to have consolidated to gain a very strong momentum before another leg up.

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The price at the press time is attempting very hard to smash $0.5 levels and steadily heading without huge corrections. Continuing the current trend, the price may also surge another 60% as predicted by analysts, TOP AIM STOCKS.

As per the analysts, the major reason for the price surge may be the losing momentum of SEC vs Ripple case. If the price rises by 60%, then the XRP price may even hit the target of $1.

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XRP Price May Also Surge Above $20 by Mid 2020

Many analysts in the crypto space believe Ripple’s XRP carries strong fundamentals and is also worldwide accepted as a payment gateway. Therefore, the price is anticipated to spike up in the coming days to as high as $100 too.

Currently, the market sentiments appears to be completely bullish with a strong XRP community which upheld the price above $0.4 amid the depleting trend. Considering the facts, one of the popular analysts, Sir Gordon believes the price may even hit levels close to $30 in coming days.

At the time of writing, the XRP price is $0.4778 with a jump of 1.38% compared to the last trading day. However, currently, it is mandatory for the price to smash the resistance levels at $0.5. Also not visit the support levels around $0.4. However the RSI indicators for Ripple’s XRP showcase a bullish trend. And the technical indicators also point towards a strong buy signal. 

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