APRIL 20TH, 2021 SINGAPORE – Seascape Network, a new online platform built around the NFT and DeFi economies has announced a new partnership with WOWSwap, decentralized leveraged trading protocol that runs on top of PancakeSwap DEX based on Binance Smart Chain. This event has high value potential for its supporters and is creating great excitement among crypto enthusiasts.

pCWS is Seascape’s official bridged Crowns token on Binance Smart Chain, universally used on Seascape’s dApps on BSC. WOWswap, meanwhile, uses smart-contracts individual liquidity providers to operate common liquidity pools, with traders using these funds to finance their leveraged trades on decentralized AMMs such as Uniswap and Pancakeswap. Though young, these two teams have created a great deal of value for users, a growing fan base every day.

WOWSwap is providing leverage trading of pCWS through BNB and BUSD pools. Users can now trade CWS with up to 5x leverage. Traders take loans from the liquidity pool on an Hourly Interest Rate. Interested users are encouraged to join quickly, but cautiously to maximize their reward potential.

“Unlocking the power of leverage trading offers countless opportunities to early adopters of the Crowns token. “With WOWswap offering the first truly decentralized way of trading in such a way, we are entering a new era of the Seascape Network. In addition to this, we aim to research new ways of adding such leveraged mechanics directly into our game, furthering our aim of blending the world of DeFi and gaming!”

This partnership is one of several scheduled for Seascape over the course of April, along with at least one brand new game centered around NFT Staking. These are early, yet promising days for the Asia-based crypto startup, a great time for interested investors to participate in its unhindered growth.

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