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Wisebitcoin, a fast-growing cryptocurrency trading platform, recently opened trade of the Symbol token (XYM) with Tether (USDT) to all professional traders beginning March 22. The launch of the XYM/USDT trading pair was accompanied by an airdrop of XYM tokens to holders of XEM, the native token of NEM, the New Economy Movement project.

Symbol was launched in March 2021. Symbol is a hybrid, enterprise-grade solution that helps businesses combine blockchain-powered flexibility, security, and speed with the transparency of public chains and the customization needed to secure sensitive data based on different application needs and use cases.

Wisebitcoin Senior Advisor Andrew Chae stated that Wisebitcoin is always excited to list new projects and that XYM is an asset with great fundamentals that Wisebitcoin is happy to support with an airdrop. Symbol comes with all of the tools and features needed in the growing enterprise blockchain space and the Wisebitcoin listing, airdrop, and launch were designed to provide XYM holders with the liquidity needed to get more investors on board and to give Symbol the mass exposure needed to give it serious traction.

About Wisebitcoin

Wisebitcoin is an enterprise-grade decentralized global exchange for professional traders. With a multicultural team of over 50 specialists, it is part of an expansive global network that boasts over $6 billion in daily trading volumes. Some of its trading pairs can handle over 2.3 million transactions per second and the platform provides best-in-class services, such as 100X leverage on contract trading, 24/7 live support, fast and performant cloud infrastructure, affiliate programs for projects and customers, and deep liquidity.

Wisebitcoin’s platform comes with a user-friendly interface, native apps for iOS and Android, and insurance protection for user funds to give you the peace of mind and performance you need to excel in the cryptocurrency token and digital asset trading markets. Learn more at www.wisebitcoin.com and https://twitter.com/wisebitcoin.

About Symbol (XYM)Symbol was designed to be the go-to enterprise blockchain solution that gives users and businesses security, performance, frictionless operations, fast data flows, and turbocharged innovation to create, exchange, and protect digital assets. Symbol is purpose-built to help businesses lower costs, remove operational complexity, empower innovation, and improve transparency. Learn more by visiting https://symbolplatform.com/.

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