Twitter Integrates Bitcoin Emoji, Could Also Add Cryptocurrency Tipping Feature


In a tweet on February 2, 2020, Jack Dorsey, Twitter and Square CEO unveiled a Bitcoin emoji that sits beside tweets that mention the top cryptocurrency. Speculations are also high that the social media giant will introduce a cryptocurrency tipping feature to its millions of users.

Twitter Integrates Bitcoin Emoji on its Platform

Twitter has integrated the Bitcoin emoji on the social media platform. Jack Dorsey, while publicizing the feature, made a tweet with the Bitcoin hashtag. What followed was the iconic Bitcoin logo sitting right next to the hashtag.

Furthermore, Dorsey tagged Unicode to the tweet, which is believed to be an encouragement that the platform needs to add the Bitcoin logo among its symbols. The Unicode text encoding standard, for instance, has been adopted by several online text editors, and even messaging apps on smartphones and computers.

Crypto Community’s Level of Excitement

On the other hand, the crypto community showed some level of excitement about the new development. The latter could be seen in the high number of tweets relating to Bitcoin on the said day. Binance cryptocurrency exchange, which also tweeted, encouraged the community to share its tweet until the term “cryptocurrency” trends on the social network.

In line with that, comments made by crypto enthusiasts regarding the new feature showed it was well received. Many applauded Dorsey for the bold move, while others remarked that there is also a need to incorporate the logo of other top cryptocurrencies.

Dorsey’s Interest in Bitcoin

Over the years, Dorsey has shown a high-level interest in Bitcoin. In December 2019, the CEO revealed that Twitter is funding a small independent team to develop a decentralized standard for social media. Dorsey also hinted on January 22, 2020, that Square Crypto, the cryptocurrency development arm of Square is building a Lightning Development Kit (LDK). The latter is aimed at fostering the adoption of Bitcoin as a global currency.

Recent reports also reveal that Twitter is building a feature that will enable users to tip each other. Speculations are high that cryptocurrency might be used as a payment method when the feature is launched. Lightning Labs, a Bitcoin payments startup backed by Jack Dorsey also raised $10 million to expand its network and allow individuals and companies to send Bitcoin easily.

Stone is Also Interested in the Crypto Community

Like Dorsey, Twitter co-founder Christopher Isaac “Biz” Stone has shown an interest in the cryptocurrency space. Reportedly, Stone invested in Mode Banking, an application that allows people around the globe to buy Bitcoin conveniently.

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