Popular Trader Ben Armstrong Disclose His $10M Crypto Portfolio

Crypto influencer and trader Ben in his latest video on YouTube, has made a reveal of his huge six-figure crypto investment portfolio. 

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Armstrong tells his 702K followers, the complete breakdown of his investment strategies. He says this reveal is to be followed with the “do what I say and not what I do” approach.

The major holding of the portfolio is Bitcoin, approx to 30%.  He says for a trader with a six-figure amount to chip in 25% to 50% in Bitcoin is ideal.

Followed by 2nd and 3rd place of holdings, Ethereum at 22% and Cardano(ADA) at 10.92%.

The reason for investing heavily in top crypto projects is because the volatility and risk of the top projects are much lower than that of top 20 or top 100 projects, hence it is important to have a top coin-heavy portfolio he says.

He says altcoin takes great prominence in his diversification as it has the potential to flip a few thousand dollars into six-figure amounts.

” I have been extremely alt heavy for most of my time in crypto, I think altcoins are the easiest and non-explosive way to make your portfolio pop”.

Altcoins constitute 15% of his portfolio, a further 5.2% are individually comprised of Polkadot(DOT), Aave, The Graph(GRT), USD, Chainlink(LINK), Ethernity(ERN), Synthetix(SNX), and Elrond(EGLD).

He informs, the three most profitable altcoins are, the fourth-largest crypto Cardano, browser-based payment protocol Nimiq, and Ethernity Chain, an NFT project.

Although, some tokens made losses too, and they are Aave and Ethereum. 

“And you guys can see down here coins with the biggest losses. Aave, we kind of bought a lot at the top of that. And then Ethereum (ETH). I don’t know why it’s showing Ethereum with one of the most losses. I guess just because it’s been lagging lately.”

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