Nimiq Mining Review [GPU Mining With Browser Mining Capability!]

Is Nimiq crypto the next best thing in the cryptocurrency market? Maybe, maybe not, let’s find out.

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So what is Nimiq (NIM) and how do we mine it? Glad you asked. In this video I do a brief review of Nimiq and then I dive into how to mine it. I include the wallets, miners, pools and I even get into the price.

Nimiq cryptocurrency has been around for years and has stood the test of time in the long bear market. It’s a solid project with some unique advantages in the crypto space. Let me know what you think about Nimiq crypto in the comment section below.

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Nimiq Website:
Nimiq Wallet:
New Wallet in Beta:
Medium How To Mine Article:
Nimiq Nvidia Miner:
Nimiq AMD Miner:
Nimiq Browser Mining:
Nimiq Mining Pool:
Additional Nimiq Pools:
Minerstat Estimate:
Nimiq Price:

Below is the Nimiq RUN.bat file(s) you’ll need to save in your Nimiq miner folder you downloaded and unzipped on your computer/rig. Just change the pool(optional) and your wallet address to your own. You can change the rig identifier to your own or just take it off completely, your choice.

Nvidia Miner .bat file for NIM

noncerpro.exe –address=”NQ47 9BN9 EN0B SH0K 12Y9 5UUJ 4U6Y G8K8 KKFD” –threads=2 – –port=2053 -x


AMD Miner .bat file
@echo off
teamredminer.exe -a argon2d -o stratum+tcp:// -u NQ47 9BN9 EN0B SH0K 12Y9 5UUJ 4U6Y G8K8 KKFD -p w=AMDRig

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***This is only what I am doing and is not to be misconstrued as mining advice. Only download programs that you are comfortable downloading based on your own research.***

***** *****

****This is not investment advice, just my own journey and is by no means what so ever to be taken or mistaken as investment advice. Consult a professional investor, which I am not, for investment advice.****

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