Invictus Capital Blazes Trail For Bitcoin Portfolio Gains

This is a promoted article provided by Invictus Capital.

With the bitcoin price shooting up in 2021, many new investors are looking for a way to get in on the bonanza. But with this world being so new to many investors, and moving so fast to boot, it can be daunting to look for a safe way to set up an investment portfolio.

Luckily, Invictus Capital is on the scene, helping to develop a swathe of bold new investment opportunities for cryptocurrency market exposure. Opening its doors in 2017, Invictus Capital has launched seven unique funds to plug users into the world of Bitcoin and beyond. In 2021 alone, it has increased its assets under management (AUM) by 81 percent, to over $100 million. Running down the list, each of Invictus’ funds have their own strengths and are suitable for beefing up portfolios of all shapes and sizes.

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