Ether 1 Coin Mining – Masternode and Review ETHO

Ether-1 Coin Mining – Masternode and Review ETHO

So today I’m going to cover mining Ether-1 ETHO coin, go over their masternode approach and also include a bit of a review of the project. This project was actually brought up to me by a community member and I had never heard about it before. So, after looking into it, this is a big project that focuses on a decentralized internet through the use of mining and masternodes. They appear to have a good team behind the ether-1 project and have a swelling of community members following and behind them. The below information is more about the site and mining info.

Ether-1 home page:
Good mining pool:
Coin price:
Masternode info:
Bitcoin Talk thread:
Online Wallet:
Windows Wallet:
Claymore Miner download if you want to mine the coin:!O4YA2JgD!n2b4iSHQDruEsYUvTQP5_w

Info to put into your run.bat file: Just change the -ewal to your wallet address and -eworker to your rig/computers name(optional)

ethdcrminer64 -epool stratum+tcp:// -ewal 0xF914c5678923E56857406f667B0AF2Cd5b4FF111 -eworker AcerLaptop -epsw x -allpools 1 -gser 2

Check out Nexus Mine here —
Check out here —

****This is not investment advice, just my own journey and is by no means what so ever to be taken or mistaken as investment advice. Consult a professional investor, which I am not, for investment advice.****

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