Dev update for the week of Mar 29th and April 5th | by Sia Tech | Apr, 2021

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News and updates on core team and community development from the past week. As always, if we’ve missed something important, let us know!

With more than $25,000 in prizes, this unique event features 3 phases all centered around content creation and sharing.

Anyone can participate — developers and non-developers. Everyday end-users are key to this hackathon. So if you’re non-technical, but have been itching to get involved or explore what a decentralized internet really means, now’s your chance!

Read David’s blog for more info, and it’s not too late to register on Gitcoin.

The Sia Foundation Transparency Report (Q1 2021) is now available.

We are beyond excited to announce that Nebulous has now fully rebranded to Skynet Labs. Our socials and dev repos have been updated, and you can see all those changes here!

You can download our new logo and read our updated brand guidelines here.

Announcing MySky, our decentralized identity protocol! Check out David’s new blog for how you can use MySky in the hackathon.

Just some of MySky’s capabilities include: you fully owning your identity, universal login across all Skynet apps and even centralized apps, controlling what apps access/share your data, bringing your data (like followers, content, friend lists) with you from app to app. Learn more.

We were able to secure the SkynetLabs name on GitHub so we have transferred repos under the new name for brand consistency. Any SkynetHQ links should be auto-redirected but it is encouraged to update any saved links.



The Skynet Support Docs has been linked to the SkynetHQ organization. If you see an error and think of an improvement, submit a PR!

The skynet-js repo was migrated to the new SkynetHQ organization.

#35 Marcin updated for v4.0.0-beta which includes MySky.

#3 Daniel published an updated workshop which covers MySky and the ContentRecord DAC.

#662 Ivo cleaned up the Skynet Accounts DB backup process for WebPortals

Skynet Webportal
Newly rebranded website was released. The updates can be found on the branch website

Sia Support Docs
#6 User max-was-here fixed an error in the host scoring section of the Sia Support Docs.

#46 Chris updated to minimum amount of money added to renewed contracts to improve contract spending.
#44 Chris fixed another little memory leak.
#42 Matt added some clean up code to delete .sia files that were created during a failed upload.
#39 Chris added a ChunkReader interface in preparation for resumeable uploads.
#36 Chris updated the registry stats returned through the API to be milliseconds instead of nanoseconds.
#30 Chris added a subscription manager interface to the renter as step towards registry subscriptions.
#37 Chris implemented the TUS protocol to enable resumable uploads.
#47 and #49 Matt sped up some common skyc commands including skyc skynet ls
#57 and #58 Chris fixed some more memory leaks.
#65 PJ improved the TTFB for downloads by updating how the workers are initialized.

David created a SkyFleet repo which contains a utility for managing and checking stats on a fleet of skynet portals.

!5163 Luke fixed a small bug in the RPC deadline related to contracts.
!5162 Luke updated the siac update code to pull the latest release from

Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Skynet website, Sia website

Until next week.

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