Crypto Is the Biggest Wealth Creation Tool Says Papa Murphy’s Owner

  • A Papa Murphy’s franchise recently went viral after adding crypto payments.
  • David Bertao, the franchise owner, is a huge crypto enthusiast.
  • Also, Bertao believes crypto is the biggest wealth generation tool since stocks.

David Bertao, a Papa Murphy’s franchise owner based in Fresno California, shared his crypto sentiments in a recent exclusive interview with CoinQuora. Notably, Bertao’s pizza franchise recently went viral on social media after adding crypto payments.

When asked by CoinQuora why he chose to add crypto payments Bertao remarkably said,

“How would you like it if people paid you in Google or Tesla stock when paying for your product or service? That’s exactly what being paid in crypto is like.”

Bertao is an entrepreneur who started investing in crypto after the 2020 stock market crash. Subsequently, the businessman felt inspired by Tesla’s addition of Bitcoin to its payment options. As a result, Bertao added cryptos to his payment system. Some of the cryptos Bertao’s clients can trade for pizza include BTC, ETH, ADA, and more.

As a believer in crypto supremacy, Bertao has even added QR codes to make it easier for customers to make crypto payments.

Bertao added that crypto is the biggest wealth generation tool since the invention of the stock market. He also remarked that his crypto investments continuously outperform his stock ones. The entrepreneur also believes that early crypto adopters stand to make a windfall once the digital assets go mainstream.

In addition, so far, his franchise is the only Papa Murphy’s that offers crypto payments. However, several other local Fresno franchise owners have expressed interest in adding crypto payments since the viral Reddit post.

Of note, Papa Murphy’s offers a unique take and bake pizza concept. The brand is popular for being innovative and a pioneer. In the past, Papa Murphy’s was one of the first brands to integrate online delivery using DoorDash. As such, it would be interesting to see if the food giant will take Bertao’s solo crypto adoption to corporate.

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