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Innovative blockchain game Cometh has launched ComethSwap, its own Layer 2 decentralized exchange. The announcement was made on Cometh’s official social media accounts with more details explained by the team. The new exchange lets users swap any ERC20 token at a low cost with high transaction speeds.

ComethSwap is part of an ecosystem which combines DeFi and NFT capabilities. It runs on Polygon’s (ex-Matic) Layer 2 which has intertwined capabilities with the game. Portions of fees generated circle back to players while properly incentivizing liquidity providers.

“ComethSwap is another big step towards building the fully fledged decentralized ecosystem around Cometh in Layer 2” — Cometh Contributor Nathan Sexer.

The development team also announced upcoming liquidity mining programs following the launch. A UNIV2 liquidity mining scheme at ≈200% APY via Uniswap (L1) is still active while another round of incentives is set to come with “attractive APY and exclusive NFTs.”

About Cometh 

Cometh is the first DeFi Layer 2 powered blockchain game with yield-generating NFTs. It combines these features into a fun strategy game where players pilot spaceships who are tasked with mining asteroids for tokens. In-game transactions are denominated in the game’s stakeable ERC20 $MUST ⚗ token.

MUST Token:

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