Bitcoin Miner Hub – Powerful and Quiet

GekkoScience R606 Terminus Pod Miner Guide
Step 1 – Connect to PC both USB cable and power supply to your R606 Miner.

Step 2 – Download and install drivers
Select all devices, find R606 Bitcoin Miner and install drivers/

Step 3 – Download and unzip cgminer, Run for test
Unzip and open file single_test_mining.bat.

Step 4 – Change the data to your pool info so you get paid
Register to a pool here –  
Go to your cgminer and edit the text in single_test_mining.bat.
Change the current pool URL and pool user to the one you registered with. 

Step 5 – Overclocking
Use this line of code in your cgminer configuration and change the 600 to any frequency you want. –gekko-r606-freq 600


To get the Gekkoscience R606 Terminus Pod Miner -

To get the 100W power supply –


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